self-driving society


Our level of perceived convenience in life while being part of society will in the end make us ready for a new mobility paradigm. Fear of a degradation in our personal living environment makes us postpone the use of new technology. Meanwhile, as traffic participants looking out our car windows and becoming aware of how the environment is changing, we know it’s time for a major shift.

A new and optimized natural balance is necessary to enable us, an expanding population, to maintain a lifestyle with our current demand for convenience and to keep our planet safe. It seems that returning to 100 percent permaculture is not going to happen because nobody can adjust to this level of convenience anymore. Although permaculture is a great part of the solution, we will need technology to observe our behaviour to help us adjust to natural patterns so we can maintain our current convenient lifestyle.

Dynamic collaboration solutions and energy distribution

A self-driving society in which mainly electrical objects will service us humans, based on our demands for events out of our daily agenda.

We design, build and implement dynamic collaboration solutions and efficient energy distribution between humans, vehicles, and robots as one complex system to build a self-driving society.

Open Mesh

In principle all objects: people, energy-consuming devices, energy-producing devices, energy buffers and energy-transporting devices form not only an energy ecosystem, but are also overlaid with communication which can only be achieved with a mesh-data-ecosystem. The energy ecosystem is optimized by the data ecosystem and supports the enhancement of convenience within and with respect to the environment.

The created data ecosystem is a means of transporting information, as opposed to the power grid which is a means of transportation of electrical energy. They support each other mutually. One can and should use the data ecosystem as a ubiquitously present network that (only) exists when there are producers, consumers, or buffers of data, thus minimizing overhead and waste.

Our solutions

mesh infrastructure
100% connectivity using ubiquitous dynamic routing mesh networking for safe (highest security measures) collaboration between objects.
artificial intelligence
Knowledge based, self-driving collaboration between objects, regulated based on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
information technology
User interaction, data processing, data aggregation and intelligence.
vehicles and robots
Intelligent points of control, software to observe and control vehicles and robots.
sensors for things
High-sensitive sensors for seamless anticipation and collaboration between moving objects to enable adaptive behaviour for self-driving cars, robots, trucks, trains, trams and drones, collaborating via mesh networking within their ecosystems. Incorporation of necessary things as part of societal ecosystem.
energy and mobility
Energy systems platform or platforms for energy and mobility services.

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