Do you like to create digital solutions? Does playing and sharing together appeal to you? Are you looking for a long-term cooperation with a lot of variety in your work?

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We connect technology and society as one system. Technology within our environment will take care of us by assuring in a transparent way that a fare share of resources from our planet earth will come to you.

Our careers

You possess the ability to work in a small team of very smart and special people, being able to design and build whetever infrastructure is needed to do the job and ultimately realize our fluQel dream. You like to be open (minded) (source) focussed, and have the can-do mentality and like to go just beyond the current boundaries everywhere.

If you like to look at things a little (or more) differently, we might as well have a coffee. Our solutions are based on novel networking technologies that often require completely new hardware on board and chiplevel. The hardware designs need to be simple yet powerful and use the latest technology where needed. This is not an easy task, but very rewarding once we got something running. As we look at a mass market, it is important that we design for mass manufacturing. We like you having an open (source) mind, like to design revolutionary hardware components that fit fluQels mission using the latest and greatest toolsets. You are a team player, as the hardware needs to work with the system software in the fluQel ecosystem. Hou have a mixed analog/digital background, preferably some experience with DSP based RF frontends, and various (semi) custom chip technologies. We offer: Not (yet) world domination, but a great team with some of the brightest minds and cool people to work with on a vision that can be the start of a revolution.

”The best way to predict the future is to create it. And that’s what I can do at FluQel”

– FluQel Employee

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